Biergarten Stage

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BBQ Competition

BBQ Competition Schedule

9:00am – Load in begins (Water will be available by 3pm and power will be available available Thursday sometime)

8:00pm – Complimentary team gathering, Grand Ol’ Porker Arena

Friday 8/24

2:00pm – Load in ends

5:00pm – KCBS cooks meeting

5:45pm – MBN cooks meeting

7:00pm – Anything Butt Competition

7:00pm – Backyard Ribs

7:30pm – Ancillary Chicken Competition

7:30pm – Backyard Beef

8:00pm – Ancillary Desert Competition

8:00pm – Backyard Poultry

8:30pm – Backyard Seafood

9:00pm – Backyard Desert

Saturday 8/26

8:00am – Cook’s breakfast, Judging Arena

KCBS turn-in:

12:00noon - Chicken

12:30pm - Ribs

1:00pm – Pork

1:30pm - Brisket

MBN turn-in:

10:00am – Whole Hog

11:15am – Sholder

12:30pm – Ribs

1:45pm – On-site judging begins.

6:30pm – Awards Ceremony, Grand Ol’ Porker main stage

11:00pm – Festival Concludes

Sunday 8/26

8:00am – Load out begins

* Schedule subject to change.