Going Green

Going Green at the Music City Festival & BBQ Championship

Over the last two years, the Music City Festival & BBQ Championship made a concerted effort of “Going Green” and reducing our environmental footprint.
2013 Green Actions included:
  1. Diverting waste from landfill by placing recycling stations throughout the festival and collecting recyclables from vendors and cook teams
  2. Printing methods included FSC paper and low ink processing;
  3. Utilizing 100% electric Utility Transport Vehicles for onsite transport, (Courtesy of Alexander’s Extreme Green Vehicles);
  4. Kid Zone with environmental fun and education by Metro Nashville Public Works;
  5. Partnership with Nashville Tree Foundation, adding two trees to the continuing carbon offset plan.

The cumulative environmental efforts for our  first five years have resulted in:

  1. Avoiding approximately 7,715 lbs of CO2 from being released into the air
  2. Saving 58,545 kilowatts of energy
  3. Diverting over 66 cubic yards of waste from landfill. 1


MCBBQ Tree Planting 2011 Tree


Through our partnership with the Nashville Tree Foundation we are continuing to off-set our carbon footprint by planting trees in Riverfront Park and downtown Nashville. A single 2″ caliper Yoshino Cherry tree will reduce 11 pounds of atmospheric carbon and intercept 128 gallons of stormwater runoff in a year. Over a 50-year lifetime, a tree provides $62,000 worth of air pollution control and recycles $37,500 worth of water.2


The trees planted through 2013 will result in over $1,000,000 worth of environmental benefit for downtown Nashville over the life of the trees.
We thank the following donors
Jack’s Bar-B-Que & Cawthon’s Caterer, Gruhn Guitars, iwash car wash,
Jim Massey Family, Manuel Zeitlin Architects, Dimensional Spaces
Tuck Hinton Architects, Green Events
  1. Calculator Sources: EPA, Mohawk Paper, American Forest, US Energy Department, National Recycling Coalition,
  2. USDA Forest Service Pamphlet #R1-92-100, National Tree Benefit Calculator